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Wicked smart people coupled with an enormous sandbox of data equals endless opportunities to learn and make an impact. Come collaborate and inspire some of the brightest people in the industry at a company that is creating economic prosperity for professionals around the world. Help change the world for good.

Testimonials from our New College Grads and Interns

During my internship at LinkedIn, I was a member of the Jobs Team and worked on a project that allowed me to add a feature to the view job page. I loved that my team was incredibly helpful as I was able to ask anyone around me questions at any time. Instead of simply answering my question, people on my team would help me understand underlying concepts. Furthermore, I love how approachable everyone at LinkedIn is and I learned not to be intimidated--people at LinkedIn genuinely want to be helpful and give advice and because of this, I was able to develop strong professional networks.
Upon my first visit to the LinkedIn campus, I was impressed by the open and trusting environment and was excited by the growth and potential of the company and product. I could really see myself fitting in and growing with my colleagues and soon realized it would be a great fit! You can really feel the energy when you walk out of an All Hands Meeting, and you know that everyone is here because they really believe they can make a difference. Aside from all the awesome perks LinkedIn has to offer, I love the passion and enthusiasm everyone has for the product and the company!
As a GSO U Associate, I have the great fortune of rotating through several fundamental departments within our business. LinkedIn stresses the importance of mentors and professional development and it was in the first 1:1 meeting with my direct manager that I truly understood LinkedIn’s commitment to me as a professional: to transform my career trajectory. I have never felt so valued before and it proved to me that LinkedIn is investing in me for long term success and growth. The best way to start your career within LinkedIn is to utilize the network to own your professional identity, and make sure LinkedIn hears your passion!
As a former intern at LinkedIn, I was able to contribute to interesting projects that would be used by the company and it was great having a mentor that taught me a lot about software engineering. Now that I am a full time engineer, I have the opportunity to work with different tools and resources and it has opened up many doorways to collaborate with other teams across LinkedIn. Interaction with my colleagues is incredibly easy as the work environment is very open and relaxed, and the culture is what I remembered from my internship. Be prepared to have a great experience at LinkedIn!

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