Your dream job could be helping millions find theirs. We’re on a mission to connect every member of 
the global workforce with economic opportunity. 
Here’s your chance to make a huge impact on 
how the world works, while transforming your own career - and having a blast.

Our teams

LinkedIn strives to bring economic opportunity to every member of the global workforce. How will you contribute?

  • Technical


    We build insanely brilliant products that have a massive impact on how the world works, and we do it with some of the best and most passionate technical talent in the world.

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  • Business


    Build relationships that that will transform your career – and the world. Whether you're working with people, processes, or data, you'll make meaningful connections and make a difference.

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  • Creative


    We dream big and beautiful. We create products that combine a keen design sensibility with our passion for creating world-class user experiences for every member, every time.  

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LinkedIn's offices are wherever our members are.
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