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LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner says “our vision, our dream is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and that begins by representing your personal identity to the world.”

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Talent is LinkedIn’s number one operating principle and this is your opportunity to make an impact on self, the world and the company - while having a blast.

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LinkedIn strives to bring economic opportunity to every member of the global workforce. How will you contribute?

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inDay is a special day at LinkedIn where employees take time from our regular work schedule to explore new ideas, hack with friends, volunteer for special causes, and invest in ourselves – whatever inspires us.Global themes are introduced to act as guideposts, but plan to spend your inDay however YOU decide to, regardless of the theme or what others are planning. Some ideas for inDay include: Watching past videos of LInkedIn Speaker Series, Participating in local volunteer efforts, Hacking, or Random Acts of Kindness

LinkedIn for Good

Our mission is to connect employees to opportunities to impact the world. Our goal is for this to be a part of the professional and personal identity of every employee. This is part of the broader LIFG program that seeks to connect every member of the global workforce with an opportunity to impact the world.

Hack Day

At LinkedIn, we believe that small, cross-functional teams build the best software. Teams do a great job looking at product metrics, customer requests, and innovative ideas from the team, and then prioritizing what to work on. Hackdays are a day to break free, and work on whatever you personally find interesting. If you have a great idea, this is the day to help make it a reality.

Hackdays may be optimized for engineers, but everyone is invited and included. Some of the best Hackday projects come from an engineer, web developer and product manager working together. We’ve had entries from almost every function, and from multiple offices. Most importantly, hackday projects are shared with the entire company on the intranet, and Hackday Judging is an event that everyone is encouraged to attend. Winners are announced to the whole company. It’s incredibly important to cement hackdays as a part of company culture, rather than something that lives within the engineering function.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion vision is to unlock the full potential of a diverse workforce, both within LinkedIn and also externally with all of our global members and customers. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made to date, and are actively working to build on that momentum to move the needle across other diverse dimensions. True inclusion is something that can only be achieved through a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our member base, and this is something we strive to achieve in our hiring efforts. But it’s not just about who we hire, it’s also how we develop and advance our employee base to ensure that every LinkedIn employee feels valued, respected and included so we can be our authentic selves and contribute at our very best.

To support our inclusion efforts we currently have six Employee Resource Groups serving female, black, Latino, LGBT, veteran, and disabled employees. They play a vital role in supporting our business functions to enhance our community, attract diverse talent, and expand their members’ professional skills and networks.

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