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  • At LinkedIn, I feel like I'm always surrounded by the best and brightest in the industry. I've gotten to work across the tech stack and I've delivered on impactful projects like University Pages and Decision Boards, all with the help of some inspiring mentors. These experiences and people have helped me transform from a new grad into a tech lead.
    Jackson Dowell, Engineering Manager's Picture Jackson Dowell, Engineering Manager Cornell University
  • I actually got in from campus recruiting 3 years ago... my whole team was only 4 people at that time. Now our team will get to 20 people and I'm leading a group of 7 in this big group. LinkedIn is great for transforming careers because I have access to virtually unlimited resource for learning, and from top down they all encouraging me to go above and beyond. I'm really happy I successfully grew myself from a new college grad to a site reliability manager whose team is handling the mission critical piece for LinkedIn's monetization system.
    Xiao Li - Manager, Site Reliability Engineering's Picture Xiao Li - Manager, Site Reliability Engineering Carnegie Mellon University
  • Before interning at LinkedIn, I had no idea what it meant to be a software engineer. It was here that instead of working on an invisible intern side project, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute code alongside my teammates to the LinkedIn University Pages, a product visible to all 300 million members. That amount of trust and responsibility has continued to drive me as a full-time engineer, where I get to keep taking intelligent risks, transforming myself through always learning new things, and having a real impact on the products I care about. When my mentor, my team, and my company can trust me to contribute equally as an intern, I knew that as a full-time engineer I would be in a place where my ideas mattered and my work would be truly meaningful.
    Jackson Dowell - Sr. Software Engineer Tiffany Lim - Software Engineer Harvey Mudd College
  • Joining LinkedIn in 2012 was a truly transformational experience for me. The knowledge I gained and the support from my managers changed my life forever. I worked as part of the Distributed Graph team building our distributed in-memory graph database solution which served 1M Queries per second and had a median response time of about 50us (excluding network overhead). Working at that kind of scale and having technical mentorship from some of the top Engineers in industry really allows you to learn the intricate details of building world-class scalable software. On top of that, I had the most supportive management team - they worked with me on a daily basis to help me develop my leadership and management skills. With hard work and their support I was promoted into a manager role within 2 years of joining LinkedIn.
    Tim Worboys - Manager, Software Engineering Tim Worboys - Manager, Software Engineering University of Waterloo
  • I joined the HadoopDev team in September 2013 and dove head-first into open-source development. My first project was Azkaban, LinkedIn's open-source Hadoop scheduler. Since then, I've worked on and contributed patches to the open-source Hive and Pig projects. Now I'm working on a soon-to-be open-sourced data access layer for Hadoop. Through this whole journey, I've had the fortune to work with an extremely talented team that I've learned so much from. I've also had the opportunity to attend several conferences and give tech talks at LinkedIn. Nearly two years into my journey here, I still feel challenged on a daily basis and am still learning and improving my skills. Working at LinkedIn truly has been a transformative experience for me.
    Anthony Hsu - Sr. Software Engineer's Picture Anthony Hsu - Sr. Software Engineer Yale University